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type of dog Basset Hound: A Comprehensive Guide to the Breed’s Characteristics, Temperament, and Care

The Basset Hound – A Comprehensive Guide to the Breed’s Characteristics, Temperament, and Care

Overview of Basset Hounds:

The Basset Hound is a brilliant and even-tempered breed that likes to organize their days according to nap times. They have an emotional yet comical personality and make excellent family dogs. They don’t require rigorous exercise and love foraging for food. They may get along with other dogs and animals, but are known for relentlessly following a scent.



    • Size – Basset Hounds should weigh between 30 and 55 pounds, with a height of 10 to 15 inches from the ground to the shoulder.


    • Colors – Most Basset Hounds are born in colors such as tan and white, black and white, or red and white.


    • Coat -The breed’s thick, short coat is rough and covere with an outward wave.


    • Eyes – Their eyes are extremely expressive and should be a rich dark brown in color.



The Basset Hound is an affectionate and adoring dog that is easy going and gentle. Although they can sometimes be difficult to train due to their long-held opinions, they need consistent, firm and clear commands. Basset Hounds are loveBUGs, always wanting to be close to their family and happily welcoming guests into their home. They may seem a bit lazy, however, they can be quite vocal when properly motivated.


The Basset Hound requires the typical care of grooming and exercise. They are ideal for those who do not have the time or space for a high-energy breed.

    • Grooming – Brush your Basset Hound once per week to keep their coat healthy and minimize shedding.


    • Exercise – It is important to provide enough exercise for them as they have a tendency to gain weight if overfed without enough exercise; daily walks and plenty of play time are essential.


By providing the proper care and attention, you can be sure that you and your Basset Hound will have many years of friendship and companionship.