type of dog anatolian karabash a comprehensive
type of dog anatolian karabash a comprehensive

type of dog Anatolian Karabash: A Comprehensive Guide to the Breed’s Characteristics, Temperament, and Care

Anatolian Karabash: An Essential Guide

Anatolian Karabash is an ancient breed of working guardian dog native to Turkey. Due to their long history of adaptation to the harsh environment of Anatolia, the Karabash bravely defends his flock from predators. Leadership, courage, hardiness, and loyalty are some of their most striking characteristics.


  • Size: The Anatolian Karabash typically stands 25-28 inches tall and weighs around 110lbs.
  • Coat: Karabash have short coats and are usually white with black or dark brown splotches.
  • Head: The most distinguishable feature of Karabash is the curved line on their forehead, adding to their majestic look.
  • Eyes: The Anatolian Karabash has almond shaped and prominent eyes.


The Karabash is an independent and self-confident breed. They are naturally suspicious and aggressive towards all unfamiliar animals and people, so proper socialization and training are essential. When properly socialized and trained, Karabash make for calm and loyal companions, though they will always remain watchful and alert.


  • To keep your Anatolian Karabash in the best health, provide it with a healthy diet rich in proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
  • As they are active and intelligent dogs, they need to be mentally and physically stimulated with challenging activities, like agility or herding.
  • Grooming should be done regularly, and their ears and eyes should be checked for any signs of infection on a weekly basis.
  • The Anatolian Karabash has a thick coat and is a hardy breed, so they need to be bathed and dried with a towel every month or two.

The Anatolian Karabash is a devoted, protective and loyal breed of dog. With the right diet, exercise, and socialization, these majestic guardians can make for an ideal companion for anyone who is looking for an intelligent and devoted protector.