training dogs using the sit command
training dogs using the sit command

Training dogs using the sit command

Training Dogs with the Sit Command

Training a dog can be an intimidating task, but basics like the sit command are essential in creating a strong relationship between you and your pup. Here are a few tools and tips to help your pup learn this simple command!


  • Favorite treats
  • Patience


  • Find a quiet spot to work.
  • Say “sit” to your pup in a calm, clear tone.
  • Gently press down on your pup’s behind, while guiding their head toward the floor.
  • Once your pup is sitting, reward them with their favorite treat and some words of praise – for example, “Good Boy!
  • Repeat this until your pup responds to the command before pressing their behind.

Training your pup the sit command can be time consuming and difficult, but it will be worth it in the long run. A dog that knows basic commands like sit not only makes a better companion, but is also safer for themselves and other humans and animals.