training dogs using the place command
training dogs using the place command

Training dogs using the place command

Training Dogs Using the Place Command

The place command is one of the most useful and easy-to-teach commands for dogs. When teaching your dog this command, you’ll want to make sure it becomes an automatic reaction when they are given the cue. This article will walk you through how to use the place command to transition your pup from a disobedient pup to one that listens to your commands every time.

What is the Place Command?

This is a command that is used to ensure your pup goes to a specific spot and stays put until it is released. It could be the couch, a bed, a mat or anything else that you have pre-designated for this command. It teaches your pup self-control and is great for situations when you want them to stay without having to keep an eye on them.

How to Teach the Place Command

Teaching the place command is a slow process and requires a lot of patience. Here are the steps to teaching your pup the place command:

  • Pick a spot: Choose a spot where your pup will be able to stay put. It must be within reach and not too close to where they can be easily distracted by other pets or people in the house.
  • Attract your pup: Use treats or a toy to attract your pup’s attention and direct them to the designated spot.
  • Reward your pup: When your pup gets to the spot, reward them with a treat and tell them “place”.
  • Repeat: Repeat the above steps until your pup understands the command and automatically stays on the spot when you say “place”.
  • Release: To release your pup, tell them “okay” or “free”.


The place command is an essential skill for dogs, as it is a way of teaching them boundaries and self-control. Once your pup has been trained, this command can be a great tool for many situations. Good luck training your pup!