training dogs using the leave it command
training dogs using the leave it command

Training dogs using the leave it command

Training Your Dog with the Leave it Command

The “leave it” command is an incredibly important skill for any dog to learn. It establishes boundaries, and can be extremely helpful in difficult or potentially dangerous situations. Here are some tips for teaching your dog using the “leave it” command:

Establish Structure

Before you begin trying to teach the “leave it” command, it is important that you have structured your training sessions. Make sure you have established a reward system, and have picked a designated spot where you and your pup can practice the command.

Start Simple

It is also important to start simple, by training in different stages. Start off by placing your pup in front of a bowl, and teach him to look away using a verbal cue. Once he has mastered this, then you can add a physical cue like pointing.

Keep Training Positive

Whenever you are training your pup, it is very important to stay positive and consistent. Try to keep practice sessions short to keep them from getting bored, and reward them with treats or verbal praise for doing a good job.

Bolster With Distractions

Once your pup has mastered the basic command, you can start introducing distractions. Place a toy in front of them and ask them to “leave it,” or take a short walk and ask them to “leave it” when they smell something.

Know When to Leave It

The most important thing is to recognize when your pup needs to be reminded of the “leave it” command. If they are starting to get too excited during a walk, or if they are becoming aggressive around a toy, it may be important to remind them of the command.

By taking the time to properly train your pup with the “leave it” command, you can ensure that they stay safe and obedient while they are out and about.


  • Establish Structure.
  • Start Simple.
  • Keep Training Positive.
  • Bolster with Distractions.
  • Know When to Leave It.