training dogs using the go to your spot command
training dogs using the go to your spot command

Training dogs using the go to your spot command

Training Your Dog With the Go To Your Spot Command

The go to your spot command is an essential part of teaching your dog good behavior. By teaching your dog to go to their safe spot and stay there at your command, you will set your pup up for success in a variety of situations. Read on for some tips about how to get your pup on their spot!

Steps to Teaching Go To Your Spot

  • Know where best to put your pup’s spot. The spot you designate should be away from busy areas and entrances and should provide your pup with a comfortable place to go to. Make sure it is in a location that you can access quickly.
  • Teach your pup the name of their spot. Say “go to your spot” before guiding your pup to their spot. As your pup gets better at going to their spot, use the name of their spot more often when guiding them there.
  • Practice making your pup stay in their spot. Once on the spot, use comforting words and petting to calm your pup and then give the stay command. Make sure to reward your pup with a tasty treat for staying in their spot.
  • Keep practicing. Continue practicing the go to your spot command every day. Many find it helpful to also practice in different areas of the house and in different situations.

Benefits of Go To Your Spot

Training your pup to go to their spot and stay can be extremely helpful. Benefits to teaching this command include:

  • Giving both yourself and your pup a break from situations that may be overwhelming.
  • Reducing the chance of your pup running away or becoming overly excited or distressed in a certain situation.
  • Helping your pup understand boundaries and expectations.
  • Making it easier for you to stay safe in potentially dangerous situations.

Tips for Training Your Dog

  • Be consistent with the command – practice whenever you can, in different situations and locations.
  • Don’t be afraid to increase the distance gradually – this will help your pup understand the command better.
  • Give your pup plenty of breaks – take a few minutes in-between practice sessions.
  • Be patient with your pup – they may not understand the command right away.
  • Make sure to reward your pup with a treat or praise every time they go to their spot successfully.


Training your pup with the go to your spot command can be a rewarding and helpful process. With patience and consistency, it won’t be long before your pup has mastered the command and is able to stay in their spot for an extended period of time. Good luck!