training dogs using the find it command
training dogs using the find it command

Training dogs using the find it command

Training Dogs Using the “Find it” Command

When it comes to training your canine companion, one of the most important things to teach is the “find it” command. This simple command can be used to increase your dog’s obedience and help teach them to be more independent and confident.

How to Teach the “Find it” Command

The “find it” command is relatively easy to teach, and can be incorporated into almost any game or activity. To teach it, start out by hiding a treat beneath your hand. Show your dog the treat and then encourage them to find it. If they find it, praise them and give them the treat. With repetition and proper reinforcement, your dog will soon get the idea and begin to associate the command with finding a treat.

Benefits of the “Find it” Command

Using the “find it” command can have many long-term benefits for your pup. Here are a few:

  • Promotes independence – The “find it” command reinforces your dog’s ability to problem solve and encourages independent thinking.
  • Leadership skills – As you give your dog commands, they learn that you are their leader.
  • Bonding – Working together with your dog to find hidden treats helps to strengthen the bond between you.


In conclusion, teaching your canine companion the “find it” command can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It can help your pup to become more independent and build trust between you. With patience and the right reinforcement, your pup will soon master the command, and you’ll have a loyal, obedient pup.