how do i stop my dog from jumping on people
how do i stop my dog from jumping on people

How do I stop my dog from jumping on people?

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

A common behavior issue among many, especially high-energy dogs, is jumping. Dogs may jump on people to show excitement, or to get attention and spend time with the person. There are simple solutions to help to overcome this issue, keep reading to learn more.

Dogs Jumping For Attention

If your dog jumps as a sign of excitement when guests come over, it should be managed as soon as possible. Reactions to jumping can spark great excitement for your pup, so try to remain composed and don’t attempt to push him off, lest you encourage your dog to do it again next time. Instead, try turning away from him and offer a more appropriate behavior — more on that later. If your guest is a willing participant, you can also ask them to bring treats along and offer them to your pup when he does not jump.

Managing Your Dog’s Jumping

Have a plan for when you need your pup’s attention, focus and calmness. Depending on the circumstances, use either your verbal commands or hand signals. Your pup should learn to stay calm while you give commands and to come towards you or sit down. Allow him time to properly reward when he’s done right, with either a treat or verbal praise. And don’t forget to reward yourself, too. It’s important to have patience with your pup during this training; make sure to remain consistent and as neutral as possible.

What Else Can I Do?

Here are some other tips to help tackle your pup’s jumping:

  • Be Proactive: Before guests arrive, leash your pup and take him for a walk or do some training exercises with him. This will use up some of his energy and create a calmer atmosphere.
  • Socialize: Take your pup to the dog park and introduce him to other dogs and people. Let him greet them calmly and reward him when he’s attentive and not jumping.
  • Make Your Home Dog Friendly: Up the fun factor by providing different toys and snacks. This will make it much easier for your pup to stay active and occupied when guests arrive.

If your pup is still jumping despite your efforts, please contact a professional trainer for more help and guidance.