how do i stop my dog from chewing on things
how do i stop my dog from chewing on things

How do I stop my dog from chewing on things?

How Do I Stop My Dog From Chewing On Things?

If your beloved pup is constantly chewing on things around the home, it can be a challenge to manage and stop the behavior. Below are some tips for helping curb the chewing:

Provide Alternatives

Providing your pup with chew toys and treats can divert attention away from inappropriate items. Make sure you rotate the toys so they remain interesting and are long lasting.

Praise Good Behavior

Every time your pup chooses the appropriate toy over something they shouldn’t be chewing, praise and reward them with treats. Your pup will quickly learn to associate chewing their toys and treats with the reward.

Remove Unwanted Items

If possible, remove items from the environment that your pup shouldn’t be chewing. Put away your shoes, phone chargers, and tablets to prevent your pup picking them up and chewing them.

Training and Sub Focus

Give your pup something else to do when they find themselves with an urge to chew. Regular training can help to channel the energy into something productive and give them an alternate focus.

Be Patient

Unfortunately, getting your pup to stop the behavior won’t be an overnight success. It can take time and guidance to help your pup learn which items are inappropriate to chew and which are appropriate. Be patient, consistent and loving to help your pup understand that chewing their toys can be rewarding.

By being proactive and giving your pup the right guidance and support, you can help them learn that certain items should not be chewed. For anything else, consult with a professional pet trainer.