how do i stop my dog from barking when im in the bedroom
how do i stop my dog from barking when im in the bedroom

How do I stop my dog from barking when I’m in the bedroom?

How to Stop Your Dog Barking When You’re In the Bedroom

Barking is one of the most common behaviors in dogs. It can be annoying and worrisome, especially when they’re barking while you’re trying to sleep in your own bedroom. Here are some methods to help reduce your pup’s barking.

1. Check for disturbances

The first thing you should do is check for anything that may be causing your dog to bark in the first place. Do they have enough food and water? Are there loud noises coming from outside? Is there another animal in the house that may be bothering them? By addressing these possible disturbances, you may be able to reduce your pup’s barking.

2. Establish a consistent sleep routine

Having a consistent sleep routine can help your dog associate sleeping with calming and quiet times. Set a regular sleep schedule and feed your pup around the same time each night. This will help them understand when it is time to settle down and relax.

3. Use positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to train a dog. Give your pup treats when they are quiet in the bedroom, and try to avoid rewarding their barking behavior. This may take time and patience, but if done regularly can have a positive effect.

4. Get your dog used to the sound of your voice

Dogs can often bark out of fear or excitement. Try to build your pup’s confidence by speaking to them in a calming voice when they are barking in the bedroom. This should help to reduce their anxiety and also prove that there is nothing to be afraid of.

5. Try block-out curtains

Sometimes, dogs can be triggered by outside noises or lights. Try installing some block-out curtains to help block out any potential distractions that may be causing your pup to bark.


Stopping your dog from barking in the bedroom can be a difficult task, but with patience and consistency, it is possible. By checking for disturbances, establishing a consistent sleep routine, using positive reinforcement, getting your dog used to the sound of your voice, and trying block-out curtains, you should be able to reduce your pup’s barking and achieve a peaceful night’s sleep.