how do i prevent utis in my dog
how do i prevent utis in my dog

How do I prevent UTIs in my dog?

Prevent UTIs In Your Dog

Urinary tract infections (UTI)can be a serious and uncomfortable condition for dogs. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent this health problem in your pet.

1. Keep Things Clean

When it comes to preventing UTIs in your pet, hygiene is especially important.

  • Clean your pup’s bedding regularly.
  • Pick up after your pet when in public.
  • If possible, limit the number of people your pup comes into contact with.

2. Stay Hydrated

Make sure your pup is getting enough water throughout the day. If your pup is particularly active or living in an area of high temperatures, add in some extra water to avoid dehydration.

3. Take Breaks

If you’re out and about with your pup, be sure to provide ample rest time. Long stints of walking or playing can lead to exhaustion, which could potentially lead to a UTI.

4. Maintain Good Nutrition

Give your pup the correct amount meals and the correct kind of food. A diet that is high in sugar and low in fiber can lead to poor digestion and an increased risk of UTIs.

5. Visit the Vet

Regular vet visits help your pup stay healthy and are essential for detecting signs of UTI early on. Talk to your vet about the best UTI prevention plan for your pup.

Following these steps will help keep your pup on a healthy path, and can help prevent UTIs down the line.