how do i feed my dog the proper amount
how do i feed my dog the proper amount

How do I feed my dog the proper amount?

How to Feed Your Dog the Proper Amount

Feeding your dog correctly is a crucial part of your pup’s overall health and wellbeing. Incorrect feeding can lead to weight gain, malnutrition and picky eating habits, and not just in the short term.

1. Calculate Your Dog’s Caloric Needs

Before you start prepping food for your pup, you’ll want to calculate your dog’s ideal caloric intake. This will depend on your dog’s age, size, breed and activity levels. Once you have a good idea of how much to feed your pup you can divide the total amount of daily calories into 2 or 3 meals.

2. Choose the Proper Food

Puppies and senior dogs have very specific dietary needs. It’s important to choose the right food for your pup. For example, puppies need more protein and fat for proper growth and development. Senior dogs, on the other hand, may need more fiber-packed foods and fewer calories.

3. Consider your Dog’s Metabolism

How active your pup is will also determine how much you should feed them. Smaller, more muscular breeds have higher metabolisms, so they’ll need more calories than a more sedentary, bigger-boned pup.

4. What Kind of Treats?

Treats should space out the main meal portion, not replace the entirety of the meal. If your pup gets treats, make sure they are low-calorie and healthy.

5. The Right Timing

Feeding your pup at the same time each day will help them develop regular eating habits and will make it easier for you to keep track of your pup’s caloric intake.


Feeding your pup the proper amount takes time, effort and research. If you do it right, you’re giving them the best possible chance at living a long and healthy life.


  • Calculate your dog’s caloric needs based on age, size, breed and activity level
  • Choose the right food for your pup—Puppies need more protein and fat, while older dogs may need more fiber
  • Take your pup’s metabolism level into consideration
  • Avoid overfeeding your pup with treats
  • Feed your pup at the same time every day