dog training method relationship based training
dog training method relationship based training

dog training method : Relationship-Based Training

Relationship-Based Training Method For Dogs

Relationship-based training for dogs is fast becoming an important part of learning for many pet owners. This type of training method is based on building a connection and strong bond between owner and dog, much like in a friendship. Moreover, the training is centered around the dog’s own natural behavior and learning aptitude.

How it works?

Relationship-based training is goal-oriented and focuses on shaping the desired behavior in your pet. The key point is that it does not rely exclusively on corrections, instead it uses small rewards to positively reinforce the behavior that is wanted. Results can be seen more quickly than other more common training and cognitive methods.

Benefits of Relationship-Based Training

  • Bonds owner and dog – This type of training strengthens the connection and bond between a dog and their owner. This leads to an understanding between the two which is more successful than other more traditional methods.
  • No negative reinforcement – One of the biggest benefits of relationship-based training centers around the fact that negative reinforcements such as yelling, spanking, or shaking a toy are not needed. Instead, the emphasis is placed on positive reinforcement.
  • Adaptability – The beauty of relationship-based training is that it can be adapted to suit any canine behavioral problems. That way, it can be customized to fit your particular pet.
  • Fast results – Training with this method yields faster results as the focus is on shaping the desired behavior in your pet.

With relationship-based training, owners can focus on teaching their pets to respond to commands, understand basic cues, and obey certain behaviors. With the right amount of care and effort, the results can be incredibly rewarding.